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Beit Daniella

Rehabilitative Day Center for Youth

in memory of Daniella Pardes

Empower. Rehabilitate. Integrate.

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Tzur Hadassah, Israel
Registered Charity 515920163

Our Story

Why Beit Daniella?

Daniella Pardes was a fun-loving, spunky child until anorexia hijacked her at the age of 13. After a three month hospitalization, Daniella was not healthy enough to return to a school structure nor to the friends whom she loved. However, there was one place where she found refuge, and that was at Ofer’s Kalbia (a therapeutic dog kennel) on Moshav Ora. While she had little ability to love and care for herself, she had an endless supply for the dogs. Every morning without exception, she would spend three hours lovingly caring for them. In her protected kingdom, she knew what each dog needed, how to take charge, and she even instructed the veterinarian. After a few months, it was time to integrate Daniella back into society. Her mother, Hadassa, searched for a therapeutic program which would absorb, protect and mainstream her back into her world. Unfortunately, she never found one suitable to her needs. On December 11, 2017 at the tender age of 14, Daniella took her own life. Beit Daniella is designed to provide for other teens who are suffering like her, that therapeutic, rehabilitative stepping stone.

What is Beit Daniella?

A supportive and potentially life-saving recovery day center for youth who are struggling with mental health issues, Beit Daniella is a short term program that provides youth with vital skills to transition back into their families, schools and communities. Situated in a natural setting with an emphasis on animal-assisted therapy, Beit Daniella aims to help youth to build on their strengths, to develop resilience, to learn to better regulate their emotional states , to take responsibility and to develop functional skills for a life worth living. Appreciating that parents are the primary caretakers of their child , Beit Daniella also provides parents with skills and support to help themselves and their child to cope with his/her challenges.

Who attends Beit Daniella?

Beit Daniella serves non-denominational youth between the ages of 13 to 18 (8th to 12th grade) who are struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and eating disorders who need a short-term, non-traditional structure for rehabilitation. Candidates can be post-hospitalization or at home but not functioning. Candidates must be motivated for recovery, interested in returning to functional life, and mature enough to engage the therapeutic process. In addition, candidates must have supportive parents who are willing to play an active role in their child's recovery.

The program at Beit Daniella is not designed to safely support those with neurodevelopmental disorders including intellectual disability and autism; those with active substance abuse disorders; those who are of life threatening harm to themselves and those with severe eating disorders requiring close supervision.

About Us

Our Team

Dr. Hadassa Jakobovits Pardes, Founder and Director
Hadassa holds a Phd in Theoretical Computer Science, and an MBA. Her professional experience working in multi-million dollar hi-tech startups and directing the NATO Science Program for Information Security at NATO headquarters in Brussels, provided her with the understanding of what it takes to bring a project from vision to reality. That professionalism combines with her deep personal drive to provide a much-needed refuge and rehabilitative center for Jerusalem’s youth.
Sarah Malka Eisen, Director of Strategic and Project Development
Sarah Malka’s multi-faceted career synthesizes education, public relations and activism. With a specialty in adult education, she taught at Shappel’s, Mayanot and MaTaN. As a Public Relations professional, Sarah Malka took little known organizations which she believed in and put them on the map. From promoting the welfare of disadvantaged children to economic empowerment for Haredim, Sarah Malka brings vision, passion and conviction to the goal of social change.
Haviva Cohen, Operations Manager
Haviva holds a BA in Humanities and Social Sciences from Hebrew University and certification as a life coach (CCIL) from Kavana Institute and the Coaches Council of Israel. In addition to being a Supervisor for coaches, Haviva is a certified group moderator through Bar Ilan University. For the past 17 years, Haviva has served as a senior manager in the non profit sector, including serving as CEO and VP of social and educational associations. Haviva has extensive experience in setting up projects, in content and activity management and in financial and human resources management.
Aviva Miller, Systematization, Data Resources and Development
Aviva Miller has an MSW from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, a continuing education diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is a clinical supervisor for social work students. Aviva has worked in a variety of therapeutic institutions for children at risk, focusing on goal oriented intervention plans for social and emotional regulation and adaptation. Aviva has a private practice with a focus on work using CBT and DBT. After working as Beit Daniella’s principal social worker for two years, Aviva is combining her therapeutic experience with her acumen for systematization in customizing our database Salesforce - to serve Beit Daniella’s needs. This includes responsibility for information systems, knowledge sharing as well as developing Beit Daniella’s measurement and evaluation system.
Haim Yagen, Therapeutic Services Manager
Haim is a clinical psychologist, with a BA in psychology and education from Hebrew University and a MA in Clinical Psychology from Bar Ilan University. Haim has extensive training and experience in treating trauma and complex trauma, including the PE method. Haim worked for ten years as therapeutic services manager and deputy director of the Ogen Kehilati- a therapeutic campus that provides a continuum of care for troubled youth suffering with social, emotional and mental health challenges. In addition, he served as a psychologist at Reut, a post-hospitalization residential facility for children and youth. In addition to treating patients at his private clinic, Haim lectures at the Haruv Institute and supervises administrative and therapeutic teams in post-hospitalization settings.
Noa Sharama, Clinical Manager
Noa holds a BSW from Hebrew University and an MSW from Tel Aviv University. She has worked in out-of-home placement facilities for at-risk youth affiliated with Hasut HaNoar (Youth Protection) in various capacities, including management and supervision of treatment teams. Noa has served as an instructor and team leader for addictions in the department for youth and young adults in the Municipality of Jerusalem. Noa’s excellent managerial and organizational skills have contributed significantly to Beit Daniella’s progress.
Dr. Noga David, Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Noga David earned a PhD in psychology from Bar Ilan University. A clinical psychologist and a certified clinical supervisor for Hebrew University psychology students, Noga works at Hadassah Hospital and has a private practice in Jerusalem. At Hadassah, Noga specializes in youth suffering from trauma, running Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) groups and overseeing the DBT program for youth and their parents. In addition, Noga trains professional staff at Hadassah and at other organizations such as the Meital center for treatment of child and youth victims of sexual abuse. In addition, she teaches enrichment courses for mental health professionals at the Haruv Institute.
Dr. Rachel Bachner-Melman, Clinical Advisor on Eating Disorders
Dr. Rachel Bachner-Melman, Founder and Director of "Koli, the Jerusalem Center for Recovery from Eating Disorders" is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in the treatment and research of eating disorders. She is a Senior Lecturer in the MA Clinical Psychology Program of the Ruppin Academic Center and the Master of Social Work program of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr Bachner-Melman has rich clinical experience in treating eating disorders, has published over sixty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and presents regularly at conferences in Israel and abroad. Dr. Bachner is a member of the Eating Disorders Research Society and Director of Outreach of the Academy for Eating Disorders and a past president of the Israel Association for Eating Disorders.
Noam Melumad, Coordinator of Counselors
Noam is a psychologist specializing in rehabilitation. Noam holds a BA in psychology and education from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a MA from Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College in rehabilitation neuropsychology with a focus on children. In the past she worked in the youth department for eating disorders at Soroka Hospital. Noam is doing her specialization at the children's neuropsychiatric clinic at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.
Hodaya Cohen, Coordinator of Education
Hodaya holds a BA in Special Education and Literature from Efrata College in Jerusalem. Hodaya brings with her teaching experience from a wide range of unusual educational structures: From Reishit, a primary school in Gush Etzion which specializes in integrating special education students with normative students to the Learning Center of the School for the Arts in Jerusalem. Teaching at the learning center of Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital introduced Hodaya to the challenge of educating youth with a mental health profile.
Ileel Barbash, Social Worker
Ileel holds a BSW from Hebrew University with honors. Ileel began her career as a counselor at Etnachta, a shelter for at risk youth in Jerusalem and went on to do her practicum at Beit Soteria, a treatment center that serves women with psychosis. In addition, Ileel has learned various treatment methods that have enriched her professional work such as DBT, Shiatsu, and the Greenberg method.
Netanya Mischel, Social Worker and Intake Coordinator
Netanya holds a BSW and clinical MSW from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she completed her degree with honors. Additionally, she's studied other therapeutic modalities that help her in her everyday work, among them DBT, ACT and EMDR. With extensive experience working with teens and their families, Netanya has worked with organizations that provide treatment and therapy for at-risk youth, including the Social Services Department of the Municipality of Jerusalem and Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. In addition to her role at Beit Daniella, Netanya has a private practice in Jerusalem.
Ofer Biton, Director of Canine Assisted Therapy
A pioneer in dog therapy in Israel, Ofer began his work in this field in 2005, establishing a school for dog therapy and training at Bar Ilan University. Currently he is the head of the department for dog therapy and training at Campus Broshim, Tel Aviv. In addition to being a senior dog therapist himself, Ofer trains therapeutic staff of programs country wide and consults for dog kennels and therapeutic institutions alike.

In 2010, Ofer established the first therapeutic dog kennel in Israel inside Mesila, a facility for teens at risk. His dog kennel services teens at risk within and outside the institution as well as clients who are emotionally and physically challenged. In addition, Ofer services the child and adolescent psychiatry department at Hadassah Hospital and other facilities.
Hen Helmer, Director of Equine Assisted Therapy
Hen holds a Masters Degree from the Hebrew University in Occupational Therapy for Mental Health and she is currently writing her doctorate at Tel Aviv University on the effects of therapeutic horseback riding on children with ADHD. Previously, Hen worked as an occupational therapist in a closed ward at Eitanim psychiatric hospital. An advanced instructor for therapeutic riding from the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH), Hen currently runs the therapeutic riding program at Harei Yehuda Stables.


Noam Frimer

Yehudit Barak

Devorah Levy


Hallel Kahalani

Shoval Kahan

Tehila Levanon

Most staff photos courtesy of the awesome Ezra Hexter

Pre-Opening: Developing our Therapeutic Model

Board of Directors

David Lewis

VP Sales & Marketing Nanonics Imaging Ltd. CEO, InZiv

Lea Melamed

Leumit Health Services Dietician

Aliza Inbal

Director Pears Program for Global Innovation Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research

Karen Ickovics

Professional Mom

Raphael Guz

Accountant Deloitte Israel

Advisory Board

From Left to Right: Ofer Biton, Director, Israeli Center for Canine Assisted Therapy (Staff); Rae Adler, MSW ; Sarah Malka Eisen Co-director (Staff); Hadassa Pardes, Founder (Staff); Prof. Yoav Kohen, Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department, Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital; Dr. Yana Umansky, Director תחנה לבריאות הנפש,קרית יובל Dr. Ayelet Meltzer, Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, Hadassah Hospital, Dr. Noga David, Clinical Psychologist, Hadassah Hospital(Staff), Nissim Smadja, Supervisor, Chasut Hanoar, Ministry of Welfare

Prof. Yoav Kohn
Prof. Yoav Kohn, MD is Director of the Donald Cohen Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department, Jerusalem Mental Health Center, Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine, where he served as Chair of the Department (2013-2017). Prof. Kohn earned his MD at Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine and trained as an Adult and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Hadassah Medical Center. Prof. Kohen has been the head of Beit Daniella’s Steering Committee since its inception.
Dr. Jennie Goldstein
Dr. Goldstein is a senior child psychiatrist at Shaarei Tzedek hospital. She earned her MD from the State University of New York Downstate College of Medicine, and she is a U.S. board certified adult and child and adolescent psychiatrist. Prior to her aliyah, she served as director of the Child and Adolescent Day Hospital at Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York. In addition to maintaining a private practice, Dr. Goldstein lectures nationally and internationally and provides in-service training to school faculties.
Dr. Ayelet Meltzer
Dr. Ayelet Meltzer is the Director of Hadassah Hospital’s outpatient day program and is a senior psychiatrist at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department of Hadassah Hospital, Ein Karem.
Prof. Pesach Lichtenburg
Prof. Lichtenburg is the head of Department A, the locked ward at Kfar Shaul Psychiatric Hospital and the former Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the Hebrew University. Prof. Lichtenburg is the founder of Soteria-Israel, an innovative group home alternative to psychiatric hospitalization. Pesach seeks to promote the open culture of Soteria within the confines of a locked ward.
Jay Pomrenze
Jay Pomrenze worked at Bankers Trust Company for 26 years where he was a member of the firm's Management Committee. With the sale of Bankers Trust to Deutsche Bank in June 1999, Pomrenze joined Kelly Doherty to form their investment vehicle Cayman Partners. Jay began the next phase of his life in Israel. With degrees in finance and theology, Jay has served on various nonprofit and for-profit Israeli company Boards and is a founding Partner of Clarity KCPS, a global Israeli based Asset Management firm. He and his wife Huti are active in charity projects through their family foundation
Joseph Gitler
Joseph is a graduate of Yeshiva University and Fordham University Law School. After making aliyah in 2000, he worked for three years as Director of International Sales & Development for a family software business. He founded Leket Israel in 2003 after witnessing significant food wastage in Israel at a time of rising poverty. Joseph’s vision and steady hand have led the organization from a simple, one-man operation to Israel’s largest food rescue organization.
Miri Nikritin
With an MA in Cognitive Sciences from Hebrew University, Miri is now a researcher at Tel Aviv University in the field of the new parental authority with regards to youth dropping out of educational institutions. As a national instructor in the Special Education Division of the Ministry of Education, Miri specializes in the integration of students with mental health issues into school frameworks. Miri, believes in creating rehabilitative educational frameworks suited to the needs of the growing population of youth struggling with mental health, that are oriented towards community integration. As a certified psychotherapist and family therapist, Miri treats children and teens in her private practice. She also trains therapists and educators in schools across the country, as well as being a DBT facilitator.
Edna Texler
Edna holds a BA in Special Education and an MA in Educational Administration. Edna started off as a lecturer and a didactic instructor of Special Education at David Yellin College and then served as the principal of Alonim Junior High and High School- for students with learning disabilities. As a Ministry of Education Supervisor, she supervised 16 special education programs in Jerusalem and in the Jerusalem District. Amongst those, Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital and Retorno, a drug rehabilitation facility for youth. Edna was instrumental in setting up our unique Learning Center at Beit Daniella.
Michal Hatab Cohen
A lawyer by training. Michal holds a Master’s degree in gender studies, which she completed cum laude. In her law career, Michal specialized in the field of personal status, and worked in the State Attorney’s office. Thereafter, Michal spent 10 years working as a legal adviser in the Ministry of Welfare. In this role, she managed adoption cases, legal proceedings regarding child abuse, guardianship of people with special needs and children at risk. In September 2006, Michal began working at the JDC (Joint Distribution Committee ) where she developed many programs, some of which have been adopted by the Ministry of Welfare, operating in dozens of communities around the country. In addition, Michal also attended the Educational Leadership Program at the Mandel School of Educational Leadership. Michal draws upon her extensive experience in developing pilot programs to helping Beit Daniella to establish its innovative program.
Carolyn Cohen
Carolyn Cohen is a Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Infertility Counselor. Based in London, UK Carolyn has worked in both Statutory (Hospital, General Practice, Social Services) and Voluntary settings with individuals and couples. In addition to maintaining a private practice, since 1998 Carolyn has been the Honorary Executive Director, Principal Social Worker and Psychotherapist at a UK charity, Chana; that supports couples and individuals with their challenges of infertility. Carolyn draws upon her extensive experience in developing and managing a non-profit therapy organization, to advise Beit Daniella on best practices in organization building and staff management.
Dr. Victor M. Fornari
Dr. Fornari M.D. M.S. is the Vice Chair of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and the Director of the Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, including the Zucker Hillside Hospital & the Cohen Children’s Medical Center. He is also Professor of Psychiatry & Pediatrics at the Donald & Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. Dr. Fornari is an Investigator in a PCORI-funded Grant entitled START (Suicide Treatment Alternatives for Teens) to determine the most appropriate treatment for suicidal youth. (2019-2024) Dr. Fornari is the Co-Editor of the book Evidence Based Treatments for Eating Disorders: Children, Adolescent & Adults (Nova Science Press: 2009 & 2014). Dr. Fornari has accompanied and advised Beit Daniella since its founding.
Rabbi Avraham Kannai
Rabbi Kannai studied at Yeshivat Hesder Har Etzion for 9 years, went on to the Hebrew University to complete a multidisciplinary BA in Arts and Psychology and then an MA in Clinical Psychology. Rabbi Kannai was a research fellow in Merkaz Shalem He also worked as a psychologist in Herzog Psychiatric Hospital and at Ezrat Nashim. Currently he serves as the therapeutic director of six Bayit Cham mental health clinics as well as working in private practice. Rabbi Kannai also teaches at Herzog College in the areas of Psychology and Education. In the past, he was as a Rosh Kollel (Head of a Community Talmudic Academy) of Torah M’Tzion in Memphis Tennessee. For the past 13 years, he has served as a community Rabbi of the Synagogue “Mitzpeh Ramot” in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot.

Our Partners

As we are a grassroots organization, our partners are especially important to us. In record time, Beit Daniella has won the confidence and support of a wide range of partners.

As we are catering to a particularly vulnerable population, our medical partners ensure that we maintain the highest standard of medical responsibility. Our corporate partners enable us to run our organization with corporate productivity and professionalism. Our professional partners keep us up to date with regards to the latest research and best practices. Our government partners supply us with important partial funding and essential supervision. Each year since our founding , we have enlisted a new government partner to our mission.




Simlai Foundation



Our Program

Nature as Healer

Beit Daniella is situated in Harei Yehuda Horse Stables at the edge of the Sansan Nature Reserve. Our youth are entrenched in nature- within our pastorale grounds or on daily nature walks with the dogs. Planting, gardening and eating the fruits/vegetables of their labor, Beit Daniella students blend seamlessly with their ecosystem and are active players in its growth and development.

Learning Center

Under the supervision of Project Hila - a Ministry of Welfare sponsored independent studies program, Beit Daniella runs a learning center tailored to students who were not able to attend school regularly due to mental health challenges. In addition to teaching core curriculum subjects and closing knowledge gaps in advance of their re-entry to the school system, the center prepares each student individually towards his/her matriculation exams where relevant. The learning center’s main objective is to bolster learning skills and build the student’s confidence in his/her ability to study, succeed and transition back into school structures.

Therapeutic Kitchen

Our students prepare their own fresh, healthy meals from scratch, under the guidance of Chef Ofer Biton, Co-manager of Beit Daniella. Cooking is not only a basic life skill that promotes independence, it contains within it a critical element of self care. Students with eating disorders who struggle with anxiety and fear connected to food, are exposed to and coached in normative eating habits in a supportive environment.

Canine Assisted Therapy

Through their interdependent relationship with the therapy dogs in Beit Daniella’s kennel and through direct responsibility for their care, Beit Daniella’s students learn unconditional love and acceptance, trust, empathy, responsibility, hygiene and healthy daily routine.

Group Therapies

Mental health challenges are isolating, especially in the socially vulnerable age of adolescence. As such, Beit Daniella is a great believer in the power of the group - to reflect, support and sometimes challenge the individual. In addition to daily group sessions, Beit Daniella provides weekly sessions in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and in Eating Disorder related topics. As DBT has been proven particularly effective in emotional regulation amongst teens , Beit Daniella runs DBT skills groups to cultivate independence in emotional regulation.

Equine Therapy

The warm relationship between human and horse is legendary. Through the direct and immediate action-response dynamic between rider and horse, youth understand the implications of their actions and learn to control their own responses to stimuli from the outside. The freedom through discipline in dealing with this large, majestic animal, results in an exciting, renewed sense of self confidence and competence.

Family as Primary Partner

In recognition of the family’s critical role in the process of healing and rehabilitation, Beit Daniella staff supports and guides parents in containing and supporting their struggling children. In addition to ongoing individual guidance, a weekly DBT skills group is provided to arm parents with the necessary skills to help their children cope with extreme emotional states at the same time as they preserve and maintain their own balance and most effectively respond to their child.

Health Care in the Community

As Beit Daniella is a transition facility, one-on-one psychotherapy, psychiatry and nutritionists (where relevant) are outsourced to the students’ local community clinics. This ensures consistency of individualized care before and after the student’s stay at Beit Daniella. At the same time, our staff maintains direct communication with all outside health care providers for effective case management.

Community Integration

Beit Daniella’s staff works with each student on an individualized personal plan which involves gradual integration into community life-school, youth groups, friends, leisure activities. The staff accompanies the students in implementing the plan and in meeting the inevitable challenges that arise along the way. Beit Daniella’s ultimate goal is to direct the students towards a full family and community life, with and in spite of their mental health challenges.

About Beatie Deutsch

“I started running three years ago as way to get back into shape and reclaim part of myself. Now I am the Israel national champion in half and full marathon. I never imagined I'd end up on this journey but I am currently pursuing the Olympic dream and hope to represent Israel in 2020. If you have been following my own running journey and want to show your support...donating to Beit Daniella is the best way to do it. People have sometimes asked me what is the connection between Beit Daniella and running and the word I would use is empowerment. Running has empowered me in so many ways, it has allowed me to uncover strengths I never realized I have. The goal of Beit Daniella is to provide a safe and empowering space for teens who are struggling and give them an opportunity to discover their unique gifts. When I think about my cousin Daniella and her story, what saddens me most is that she was so incredibly talented and yet she couldn't appreciate her strengths, she only saw her flaws. She wanted so badly to reintegrate into life after hospitalization, but there was no place for her to go, no place that would absorb, protect and empower her to mainstream back into her world. With your generous donation and support. Beit Daniella will fill that void, and prevent other precious children from suffering the way Daniella did.”

Beatie has taken the world by storm, not only by shattering limits in her short, 3 year running career but through the winning attitude that drives her forward. She is a role model of physical and emotional balance, and we are so proud to have Beatie representing Beit Daniella.

Beatie in the Press
Stay tuned for Beatie’s Upcoming Website Launch for the comprehensive press listing. For now, here’s a taste of Speedy Beatie!

Runners World Jan. 24, 2019
Israeli Morning News: TV Interview (Hebrew) Jan. 6, 2019
Ynet News, Jan. 7, 2019


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