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Our Story

Why Daniella’s Den?

Daniella Pardes was a fun loving, spunky child until anorexia hijacked her at the age of 13. After a 3 month hospitalization, Daniella was not healthy enough to return to a school structure nor to the friends whom she loved. However, there was one place that she found refuge - Ofer’s Kalbia (therapeutic dog kennel) on Moshav Ora. While she had little ability to love and care for herself, she had an endless supply for the dogs. Every morning without exception, she would spend 3 hours lovingly caring for them. In her protected kingdom, she knew what each dog needed, she took charge, even instructing the vet. After a few months, it was time to integrate Daniella back into society. Her mother, Hadassa searched for a therapeutic program which could absorb, protect and at the same time mainstream her back into her world. She never found one suitable to her needs. On December 11, 2017 at the tender age of 14, Daniella took her own life. Daniella’s Den is designed to provide for other teens suffering from emotional issues, that essential, rehabilitative stepping stone integrating the element of animal-assisted therapy - which Daniella sorely needed and never had.

What is Daniella’s Den?

Daniella’s Den is a rehabilitative day program for youth living at home who require a non-traditional structure to advance to their next stage. Situated in a relaxing natural setting, this therapeutic program will afford its participants the opportunity for individualized studies, animal assisted therapy, vocational training in dog care and dog training and most of all- vital life skills with which to adjust and mainstream to everyday life. Our goal is short term -- to transition youth as quickly as possible back into normal life. With hours from 9 am to 3pm, there will be an option for a moadonit (afternoon program) which will also be open to youth who are in school.

Who will attend?

Non-denominational youth, 12 to 18 years old. Youth suffering from trauma, emotional issues who have a home, who are living at home, and should be living at home, who need a short term non-traditional structure for rehabilitation. Although there are many hostels and dormitories for troubled youth, we seek to open a professional day facility which keeps the child at home, empowering the child AND the family to absorb the child, with all of the difficulties involved. Daniella’s Den will also serve youth who are transitioning from hospital to school structures. Daniella’s Den is NOT for youth with: severe mental illness who require hospitalization, special needs; at risk youth without a family support system, criminals or those who pose a threat or harm to others

How will it be funded?


Scholarships available for those who qualify


Government Ministries, Jerusalem Municipality, Non Profits


Income from dog training and kennels goes to funding operations


Private, Foundations

About Us

Our Team

Hadassa Jakobovits Pardes, Founder
Hadassa holds a Phd in Theoretical Computer Science, and an MBA. Her professional experience working in multi-million dollar hi-tech startups and directing the NATO Science Program for Information Security at NATO headquarters in Brussels, provided her with the understanding of what it takes to bring a project from vision to reality. That professionalism combines with her deep personal drive to provide a much-needed refuge and rehabilitative center for Jerusalem’s struggling youth.
Sarah Malka Eisen, Executive Director
Sarah Malka’s multi-faceted career combines education, public relations and activism. With a specialty in adult education, she taught at Shappel’s, Mayanot and MaTaN. As a Public Relations professional, Sarah Malka took little known organizations which she believed in and put them on the map. From promoting the welfare of disadvantaged children to economic empowerment for Haredim, Sarah Malka brings passion and conviction to the goal of social change.
Ofer Biton, Therapeutic Director-Animal Assisted Therapy
A pioneer in dog therapy in Israel, Ofer began his work in this field in 2005, establishing a school for dog therapy and training at Bar Ilan University. Currently he is the head of the department for dog therapy and training at Campus Broshim, Tel Aviv . In addition to being a senior dog therapist himself, Ofer trains therapeutic staff of programs country wide and consults for dog kennels and therapeutic institutions alike.

In 2010, Ofer established the first therapeutic dog kennel in Israel inside Mesia, a facility for teens at risk. His dog kennel services teens at risk within and outside the institution as well as clients who are emotionally and physically challenged. In addition, Ofer services the child and adolescent psychiatry department at Hadassah Hospital and other facilities.
Nissim Smadja, Advisor
Currently serving as a Supervisor at Chasut Hanoar* , Nissim managed institutions for teens at risk and is one of the leaders in developing and actualizing professional training and supervision for professionals dealing with that population. A social worker and management consultant by training, Nissim has combined both disciplines in his extensive work with teens at risk, culled from 30 years of experience in the field.
Nissim has developed and promoted innovative programs and creative initiatives for Teens at Risk such as The Martef - an innovative theater for teens at risk and the therapeutic dog program at Mesila- a high risk facility for teenage girls.
Nissim teaches at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts and at Campus Broshim, Tel Aviv University . He trains and guides staff and organizations in various therapeutic and educational fields, under the auspices of the Colleagues Program of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.

*Chasut Hanoar is a wing of the Israeli Welfare Ministry which oversees youth at risk mandated by law to live outside their home in specialized facilities.

Board of Directors

Dr. Hadassa Jakobovits

Chair, Founder Beit Daniella

Lea Melamed

Leumit Health Services Dietician

David Lewis

VP Sales & Marketing Nanonics Imaging Ltd. CEO, InZiv

Aliza Inbal

Director Pears Program for Global Innovation Tel Aviv University

Karen Ickovics

Professional Mom

Beth Newmark

General Partner Emmaleh Student Housing

Vicky Berglas

Director Midreshet Moriah

Raphael Guz

Auditor, Beit Daniella Accountant, Deloitte Israel

Iris Stark

Accountant CPA, Founder and Executive Partner Stark and Stark

Beit Daniella acknowledges the kind sponsorship of the Meitar Law Firm, Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Marathon

In a show of spontaneous community support and initiative, friends of Daniella z’l and her sisters joined together to run in the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday March 9th in support of Beit Daniella. To our delight, 135 runners signed up!

At Pasta Night the night before the Marathon, Hadassa Pardes poignantly shared her deep personal motivation to creating what did not exist for Daniella-thus embracing and healing so many other young people currently struggling with emotional issues. Ofer Biton, Daniella’s dog therapist, shared his experience working with Daniella touching on what makes animal assisted therapy so effective and Sarah Malka Eisen updated the crowd on our practical progress in bringing Daniella’s Den from vision to reality.

The most exciting news:

Our lead runner - Cousin Beatie Deutsch, a mother of 5 young children,took first place in the Women’s Category, running 42K in 3 hours, 9 minutes and 48 seconds!

This was Beatie’s 3rd Marathon, and first time in the particularly challenging hilly, Jerusalem course. " Daniella’s memory and the prospect of creating Beit Daniella-a haven for other teens suffering as she did-inspired me to run my fastest ever!"

In the past,Beatie placed 6th in the half marathon of the Tel Aviv Marathon on February 23, 2018. Last year, she ran the Tel Aviv marathon while 7 months pregnant. (Don’t worry it was with the blessing of her father who is an OB-GYN :) ). Daniella’s Den is SO PROUD of Beatie and we look forward to sharing many more exciting runs in the future!

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If it takes a village to raise a child... it takes a (Global) Village to save a child.

We need each one of you to join us in creating a therapeutic day center to contain, embrace and heal youth who are struggling desperately

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