Jerusalem Marathon 2022

Run for Beit Daniella in the Jerusalem Marathon 2022- Only 2 days left to register!

Registration closes Tues. night 15/3.

Date of marathon: 25.3.2022
Fundraising can be done until the day of the marathon.

4 Great Reasons to Run with Us in the Jerusalem Marathon 2022:
  1. You receive a 10% discount on your registration fee
  2. You get a training session before the marathon,
    exclusive to Beit Daniella runners,
    with Israeli marathon champion, Beatie Deustch
  3. You and the Beit Daniella Team join together the night before the marathon
    for an inspiring, fun Pasta night
  4. You run a marathon and run for mental health for youth
    and help establish a scholarship fund for Beit Daniella!

Run for Mental Health for Youth!
Raise funds for a Beit Daniella scholarship fund - to provide healing for all!!

More about Beit Daniella

How does it work you ask?
It’s simple!

Fill out the form below and you will receive an email with a 10% discount coupon for the Jerusalem Marathon 2022
Register on the Jerusalem Marathon Site and send us the Registration confirmation by email (You can register for all distances)
We send you a link to your personal fundraising page

From the moment you register, you can easily send a prepared message
to your friends and family via email or whatsapp
telling them that you are running for a Beit Daniella scholarship fund and to ask for their partnership.
In our experience, it is easy and people are happy to support you in your good deeds!
Of course - you will receive fundraising tips and personalized support throughout.
Together..we will succeed in establishing a scholarship fund for those who desperately need Beit Daniella’s services!

TOGETHER, we will succeed in establishing a scholarship fund for those who desperately need Beit Daniella’s services!

Are you interested in raising funds as a family? No problem.
Write down all your family members on the form and check off the Family Plan field
In the designated fields fill out the names of all family members and the name that you want to appear on your campaign page.

Nu, what are you waiting for?? Let’s go and run together to help our youth!

Sign up  /  הרשמה

First name שם פרטי

Last Name שם משפחה

Address    כתובת

ברצוני לגייס את הסכום הבא:
:I would like to fundraise the following amount
1000 (Until age 20   עד גיל 20) 1500 2500 3000 5000 Other/אחר

Family Campaign   גיוס משפחתי

About Beit Daniella and our Scholarship Fund:

What is Beit Daniella?

A rehabilitative day center for youth struggling with mental health challenges including eating disorders.
Beit Daniella empowers youth with the vital skills to transition back into their families, schools and communities.
Situated in a natural setting with an emphasis on animal-assisted therapy,
Beit Daniella seeks to strengthen the healthy self to meet and negotiate with the unhealthy self in an environment that fosters responsibility and wellness.
Appreciating the central role of family, Beit Daniella empowers parents to understand and support their child during this time of need,
while providing the parents themselves with much needed support and the necessary tools to help themselves in dealing with the challenge.

What is the connection between Beit Daniella and running in a Marathon?

There is a direct link between our vision at Beit Daniella and running in the Marathon that can be encapsulated in one word: Empowerment.

In the words of Beatie Deutsch, Israel’s Women’s Marathon Champion and #TEAMDANIELLA’s Team Leader,
“Running in general and running marathons, particularly at the late stage when I started, taught me that there are incredible powers within a person that we are totally unaware of. “

What are YOU and the marathon campaign doing for Beit Daniella?

On average, youth attending Beit Daniella stay between 4 to 8 months.
Mental health care is extremely expensive.
The cost per child per month is around 15,000, bringing the average stay at Beit Daniella in the area of 100,000 NIS per child.
As such, since Beit Daniella’s inception, we have been working tirelessly towards the goal of government funding.
In 2021, we succeeded for the first time in mobilizing modest budgets - through the Education Ministry and Social Security Institute Funds.
Even though parents' fees cover a very small percentage of our actual costs, parents still have to pay thousands of shekels towards their child’s care.
Not all families can afford that.

With your help, we would like to establish a scholarship fund to enable youth whose families cannot afford the fees to get the help that they need at Beit Daniella.
They need your donation today.

Thank you!
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