Jerusalem Marathon 2023

What is the connection between… Beit Daniella, Beatie Deutsch & the Jerusalem Marathon?

It was during the shiva of Daniella, while her mother Hadassa, was immersed in mourning that the idea of Beit Daniella germinated. Then and there, Hadassa vowed that she would create a haven to help save others from her daughter’s tragic fate. Although Beit Daniella was still an idea, friends of Daniella’s and her sisters were determined to help Hadassa to actualize her vision. Youth banded together with a great brainwave - let’s make Beit Daniella by running a team in the Jerusalem Marathon to raise money to begin to build Beit Daniella!

The only problem was that this was 6 weeks before Marathon day and way too late to set up a fundraising platform through the Jerusalem Marathon. Plus there was no Beit Daniella bank account, as the legal process of establishing a non-profit had not yet been started.
Beatie Deutsch, Hadassah’s plucky niece, stepped up to the plate saying, “I will not only run a full marathon for Beit Daniella, I will also open a crowdfunding campaign so that friends and family can donate funds through my own personal account.”

Six weeks later:
  • 135 runners took off
  • Beatie won her first marathon which launched her superstar running career (To see clip, click here)
  • Beit Daniella raised enough seed money to start and carry them over until they gained legal status as a non-profit. (That seed money also funded the transformation of an old storeroom in Harei Yehuda into the heart of Beit Daniella, our cozy kitchen.)
The rest is history.
  • Beatie Deutsch has become not only Israel’s Marathon Champion multiple times, she has championed Beit Daniella all over the world, she has raised money, awareness for youth mental health, fighting stigma through her celebrated social media platforms. To learn more about our legendary team leader, Beatie Deutsch, click here.
  • The Jerusalem Marathon had become our community’s yearly awareness and fundraising event.
  • Best of all, our students, their families and alumni have joined our team and run through the streets of Jerusalem in their Beit Daniella T-shirts, with PRIDE!

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